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Finozen APP

Investing In Mutual Funds Is Now Easy !!

FinoZen mobile app is an investment instrument through which your money gets invested in a selected ultra-short term debt/liquid fund that grows your money by 7% to 9% per annum. Generally banks give you only a 3% to 6% interest rate on savings accounts and fixed deposits & also have a lock-in period. But with FinoZen, your money grows daily and you can withdraw instantly without any penalty!

Download Finozen App Here

Finozen is SEBI regulated  They are trusted by 14,000+ depositors and are growing consistently.

No filling 10+ forms to open one account. Just a few photo clicks and your account is validated. That’s it.

Step 1 : Install App And Create An Account . Make Sure That You Have Pan And Aadhar While Creating An Account.

Step 2 : Enter Referral Code “9581974272” .

(Rs.50/- Will Be Credited After Successful Investment )

Step 3 : Upload Aadhar & PAN Snap

Step 4 : Wait Until Your KYC is Processed , Usually it will be processed in 24 Business Hours.

You Are Almost Done To Invest

Click On ADD Money Button And Enter The Amount You Want To Invest (Min.500 Inr)

Select The Payment Method And Proceed For Payment.

Your Payment Will Processed In One Working Day And It Will Be Reflectled In Finozen Wallet.

Now , You Will Get A Doubt Is Finozen Safe :

Yes, It Is Safe !

Your Money Will Be Invested In Reliance Money Manager Fund And You Will Get A Message As Well As Mail From Reliance.

Your Growth Rate Will Be 7-9.5% While In Saving Account It’s Around 3-5%.

Pros :

Your Interest Will Be Credited Daily.

Great Customer Support.

Instant Withdrawal

No Penalty For Withdrawal And

UI Is User Friendly When Compared To Other Apps.

No Paper Work

Easy account creation

Cons :

Sometimes While Using Internet Banking You Will Get A Error Message Of Payment Failed But Any How It Will Be Added To Your Finozen Account After 24 Business Hours . It’s Really Annoying !!

Finally If You Are New To Investment (Mutual Funds ) You Must Try Finozen For Sure !! Definately You Will Get Some Knowledge About Mutual Fund.

Grow Your Money !!

Happy Investing !!

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